SWSF Athlete Program

Check out this SWSF Athlete!!! 5K Polar Dash doing a BEAR CRAWL!!!

Is he crazy or dedicated?

Is he crazy or dedicated?


SWSF Athlete Josh Page took 5th in the October 7th Fitober Fest!




Rachel - SWSF Athlete doing good work!

Rachel – SWSF Athlete doing good work!

Looking for a sponsorship for an athletic competition or event you are participating in?


While you are getting your best workout make it count!! Sacrifice your time and energy for a great cause!!!

This program is for competitors and athletes participating in all types of events, from GORUCK Challenges (our favorite) to shooting sports, to action sports, to your local 5k. You name it, we want to support it.

Using youcaring.com you must raise your entrance fee plus $100. The entrance fee will be paid from the donations and we will send you a SWSF ATHLETE shirt to wear.

Example: If a GORUCK Challenge entrance is $120 you need to raise at least $220 in donations to be an SWSF Athlete for that event. We then cover your entrance fees.

Here is how it works.

  • You set up an account at youcaring.com explaining what event you are running and what the Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund is. Our information can be found here: http://www.silentwarriorscholarshipfund.com/
  • Funds go to our paypal account, the user ID is silentwarriorscholarshipfund@yahoo.com.
  • You spread the word and collect donations from friends and family. You can market this via email, facebook, twitter and word of mouth! Include @SwScholarship in your Tweet.
  • The deadline is 30 business days from your event, this gives us time to register you as well as send your new shirt for the event. (Please note this does not get you into a sold out event. Advise you begin as soon as possible in order to get into the event you want!)
  • Once you have reached the requisite donation amount, send us your registration information for the event, we will register you for the event!
  • Show up, be a positive representative of the SWSF, have a great event and spread the word!

This is a great way to help ease the cost of events and races, as well as getting the word around and helping to support a great cause. Send any and all questions to:


GoRuck Charleston 354 GoRuck class 354








SWSF Kovac aka The Beast!






Logos for your use in flyers and to spread the word on your fundraising:

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